Imated by the kaplan-meier method and prognostic factors were identified by log-rank test. viagra without a doctor prescription Results this series comprised three women (27. viagra retail price 2%) and eight men (72. 8%) (sex ratio: 2. viagra cost 6). buy viagra without prescription The mean age at diagnosis was 56 years (range: 37–69 years). No risk factors were identified in this cohort. The mean follow-up was 110. 2 months (range: 7–348 months). This series included three t1 (27. viagra with private prescription 3%), one t2 (9. viagra from india online pharmacy 1%), four t3 (36. 3%) and three t4 (27. 3%) tumours. buy generic viagra online The 1-year, 5-year and 10-year disease-free survival rates were 81. 8%, 54. 5% and 18. viagra from india online pharmacy 2%, and the corresponding overall survival rates were 100%, 90% and 60%, respectively. The main prognostic factors reported in the literature are tumour stage at diagnosis, adjuvant radiotherapy and radiation dose. Conclusion enb are characterized by a high recurrence rate and recurrences can occur a very long time after the diagnosis, indicating the need for prolonged follow-up of these patients. The 5-year and 10-year overall survival rates are about 90% and 60%, respectively. Keywords sinus cancer; paranasal sinus; overall survival; disease-free survival figures and tables from this article: table 1. Dulguerov's tnm classification. Table options view in workspace table 2. Esthesioneuroblastoma – local recurrence, regional recurrence and distant recurrence as a function of tnm status and initial treatment modalities. Surgery + rt: surgery followed by radiotherapy; surgery alone: surgery alone; crt: concurrent chemoradiotherapy; ct + surgery: chemotherapy followed by surgery; ct + crt: chemotherapy followed by concurrent chemoradiotherapy. viagra in liquid form Table options view in workspace table 3. Results of univariate analyses of the prognostic impact of the variables studied in our series on overall survival and disease-free survival. buy viagra online Table options view in workspace table 4. Five-year and 10-year disease-free survival (dfs) and overall survival (os) of esthesioneuroblastoma indicating the percentage of patients treated by surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy. generic viagra without prescription Table options view in workspace corresponding author. Tel. : +33 4 91 38 60 71. Copyright © 2012 elsevier masson sas. can you buy viagra over the counter in northern ireland All rights reserved. Note to users: corrected proofs are articles in press. viagra from india online pharmacy